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Cupola Restoration

Cuploa restoration

The cupola of any lighthouse is perhaps the most important area of all, and CLDS plans to get the Cape Decision cupola back to its original condition. The Cape Decision Lighthouse is still an active aid to navigation although much of the cupola’s upper reaches have corroded over the years. In addition to primary and backup lamps lamps, weather monitoring equipment and communications aerials operated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the National Weather Service and the US Coast Guard are situated on the cupola as well. Last summer CDLS volunteers addressed remediated all masonry issues and painted the cupola landing and we are currently looking into a communications systems upgrade for use by future volunteers. The original lens from Cape Decision is currently on display at the Clausen Memorial Museum. Visit it at 203 Fram St., Petersburg, AK, (907) 772-3598 or click here to see a photo.

Click here to see Cuploa Restoration work from 2006

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