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Boat Hoist Installation

hoist project
Before the helipad was added to Cape Decision it was the pier and boat hoist that enabled USCG staff to resupply rations. These structures were integral components to lighthouse functions, as they are again now for restoration projects. Click here to see historic photos.
fire damage
old hoist
The USCG is currently planning on the reconstruction of the boathouse foundation so that water-based Coast Guard units can service the light even if they cannot fly to the site. Click here for info on the Cape Decision boathouse foundation restoration project.


Components of the new boat hoist were staged on the rocks below the pier, then lifted and prepped for assembly.

staging 2

block and tackle

The stays of the hoist were then bolted into a cement pad on the pier, and the boom was fitted with blocks & line.

new line
new line 2

winch 2

Once the boom was rigged, a one-ton winch was installed to lift and lower loads.  This hoist has greatly improved our ability to lift not only boats, but food, equipment and other supplies as well, in addition to being available for the USCG.

load 2
Mike Litman
The Cape Decision Lighthouse Society would like to thank Mike Litman of Precision Boat Works in Sitka, Alaska for his contributions to the boat hoist restoration project. Mike came to the lighthouse in 2005 to assess the integrity of the pier and to design the boat hoist. He then custom fabricated the hoist at his shop in Sitka and returned this past summer to help with its installation. Mike is an engineer, custom boat builder, CDLS member and volunteer.

CDLS would also like to thank the Rasmuson Foundation and the Alaska State Historic Preservation Office for the granting of funds to purchase equipment necessary for the hoist’s installation and for fabrication costs.

The installation of the boat hoist was completed with 100% volunteer labor.

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