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Entryway Restoration


lighthouse entryway in 2005

prep work

preparation work included chipping off old concrete

prep work

when the work area was clean...

new product

... new product was slowly added

new entry way take shape

The new entryway took shape quickly, and was soon ready for paint.

new stairs

Tom Penny CLDS would like to thank Tom Penny from Sea Level Stone and Tile, based in Sitka, Alaska for his guidance last summer on masonry repairs at Cape Decision. Tom took on the Entryway Restoration Project using an innovative product that works very well at Cape Decision. While Tom was on site he instructed several CLDS volunteers how to address and remediate masonry concerns in the future - an invaluable contribution from a local professional that we greatly appreciate. He also donated several pieces of equipment recently for more masonry projects at Cape Decision and hopes to return to next summer with his wife. Besides being a professional mason, Tom is a serious rockhound, jewelry maker, a CDLS member and volunteer.

CDLS would also like to thank the Alaska State Historic Preservation Office for the granting of funds to purchase masonry materials for use in this project.

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